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Some florida lakes failing the new numeric nutrient criteria. Numeric nutrient criteria on friday, april 8, 2011 uf researchers used an innovative approach to address stakeholder concerns regarding an emerging and complex issue. Wyomings surface water quality standards currently only include narrative criteria to protect designated uses from nutrient pollution. An approach to developing numeric water quality criteria. The florida department of environmental protection fdep had been working on numeric nutrient criteria nnc for several years in addition to developing and updating floridas numeric nutrient criteria development plan. Human activities on land increase nutrient loads to coastal waters, which can increase phytoplankton production and biomass and associated ecological impacts. Numeric nutrient standards for the state of florida. On january 7, 2014, the court agreed that epa is no longer obligated to promulgate nnc for any of floridas waters.

Epa had already determined that numeric nutrient standards are necessary for the state of florida. Proposed methods and approaches for developing numeric nutrient criteria for floridas inland waters epa 2009 discussing efforts to develop numeric standards based on stressorresponse relationships the results of the analyses generally indicate that many of the biological measures evaluated exhibit a significant adverse. Definitions, numeric interpretations of narrative nutrient criteria, estuaryspecific numeric interpretations of the narrative nutrient criterion, site specific alternative criteria. We looked at 952 florida lakes with data on annual averages of tp, tn, and chla plus data on color and alkalinity and found that 65% 614 lakes failed one or more of the criteria for tp, tn or chla. Pasco county has maintained a monitoring station at little road which is located in the lower portion of the pithlachascotee river. Chlorophyll a is the endpoint measure of balanced algal populations, and has a long history of use in. Much back and forth between epa and florida on numeric criteria, end result is that florida developed and adopted criteria for most waters. Numeric nutrient criteria development florida department. Pdf an approach to develop numeric nutrient criteria for georgia. Implementation of floridas numeric nutrient standards.

Environmental protection agency office of research and development national health and environmental effects research laboratory, gulf ecology division u. About floridas numeric nutrient standards for lakes and rivers the change from qualitative assessment to numeric nutrient standards for floridas inland lakes and rivers will necessitate many changes in the way water resource managers perform monitoring and mitigation activities. Guidance manual for performing waste load allocations, book iii, estuaries. The national park service has three large units in south florida that will be directly affected by the proposed criteria. Examination of the historical record or paleoecological evidence for. Regarding implementation of federal numeric nutrient criteria on floridas waters november 5, 2010 yesterday, i read with interest the presidents remarks indicating he may still try to push some environmental issues through executive fiat and the environmental protection agency epa. State adoption of numeric nutrient standards 1998 2008 2 u.

Florida now has stateadopted, epaapproved criteria for lakes and springs that are applicable for cwa purposes. Numeric nutrient criteria in florida an overview march 23, 2012 page 2 however, on january 14, 2009, epa formally determined that numeric nutrient criteria should be established on an expedited schedule. Seventyseven participants attended a workshop to introduce stakeholders to a team of uf researchers and extension extension comings and goings april 2011 1. The intent of numeric nutrient criteria is to assure a level of water quality that will protect the beneficial uses of these waterbodies. Evolution of water quality regulations in the united states and florida. Developing numeric nutrient criteria for freshwaters mississippi. Environmental protection agency, office of water notice beginning in 1998, epa recommended in a series of policy memoranda that states accelerate the development and adoption of numeric nutrient water quality standards. To control and improve water quality, based on data from 1984 to 2014, a population distribution approach was applied to establish the numeric nutrient criteria for the yangtze. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Numeric nutrient standards for florida watersbackgroundfor many decades florida has had a narrative nutrient water quality criterion in place to protect floridas waters against nutrient overenrichment.

According to the epa, to an unknown degree, variances from strict compliance with the criteria may be granted for specific water bodies. Georgias plan for the adoption of water quality standards. Six basins have been previously define in soflo, namely biscayne bay bb. Numeric nutrient water quality standards are needed to protect coastal waters from eutrophication impacts. Missouris numeric nutrient criteria nnc for lakes at 10 csr 207. Criteria for streams, lakes, springs, open coastal, and part 3 and 4 estuaries are not currently in effect remaining nnc become effective only if epa. Approves these rules in their entirety, concludes rulemaking that removes federal numeric nutrient criteriain response to the approval, and. This compares to the proposed inland numeric nutrient criteria for peninsular florida of 1. About floridas numeric nutrient standards for lakes and. Epa600r15262 science supporting numeric nutrient criteria for lakes and their watersheds. Epa in 2005 to serve as a technical and scientific resource for numeric nutrient criteria development efforts for states, territories and authorized tribes.

Where epa has not derived criteria for certain parameters in this proposed rule, due to insufficient scientific evidence to support a protective threshold for numeric nutrient criteria e. Developing numeric nutrient criteria for estuaries and adjacent waters has been exceedingly complex due to the uniqueness of this ecosystem and its dynamic properties. Approval of florida numeric nutrient criteria for total. Epa proposal for numeric nutrient standards for florida. Under florida law, email addresses are public records. Major lakes monitoring program lakes currently without numeric nutrient criteria 2. Numeric criteria for nitrogenphosphorus pollution in floridas. Numeric nutrient criteria for the state of florida. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

Floral metrics faunal metrics nutrient thresholds nutrient watershed region tn mgl tp mgl panhandle west 0. The rule provides scientific rationale for criteria development, while strengthening the link between the criteria and the designated uses of lake waters. Guidance manual estuarine and coastal marine waters. To create scientific information that could assist the agency and its. Proposed methodology for the assessment of protective. The department selected aquatic habitat protection as the focus of the current. Water quality standards including nnc help to protect and restore the quality of the nations surface waters, consistent with the requirements of the clean water act cwa. Everglades national park, dry tortugas national park, and biscayne national park.

Consolidated recommendations for tampa bay estuarine. State adoption of numeric nutrient standards 19982008. The environmental protection agency determined that numeric nutrient criteria were necessary to protect designated uses of florida. Empirical approaches to establishing numeric nutrient. The magnitude component is the longterm limit ltl estimated from a single segment or group of. Numeric nutrient criteria established for tidal creeks must consider the different ecological processes and functions that distinguish them.

Nutrient pollution remains one of the most prevalent causes of water quality impairment in the united states. It is fdeps intent to establish numeric nutrient criteria that are protectiveof designated uses and consistent with floridas existing narrative nutrient criterion, which states that in no case. Deq has developed numeric water quality criteria intended to control excessive nutrient nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in montanas streams, rivers, and lakes. The tampa bay estuary program, in coordination with the tampa bay nitrogen management consortium and tbep technical advisory committee, has developed estuarine numeric nutrient criteria for the tampa bay estuary. In 2009, the department initiated rulemaking and, by 2011, adopted what would be the first set of statewide numeric nutrient standards for floridas waters. For lakes, the applicable numeric interpretations of the nnc in paragraph 62302. Despite florida s status as a national leader in nutrient reduction efforts and fdeps great progress on the complex science needed to support defensible numeric nutrient criteria, on. Because alkalinity is not universally available in historical data, epa also examined whether. Rather than litigate the issue, in january 2009 epa made this determination relating to. State progress toward developing numeric nutrient water. An approach to develop numeric nutrient criteria for georgia and.

Science supporting numeric nutrient criteria for lakes and. Numeric nutrient criteria last week, judge hinkle signed orders granting motions filed by the environmental protection agency epa and the florida department of environmental protection dep regarding the enforcement of numeric nutrient criteria in florida. These numeric nutrient criteria were to be in addition to the narrative nutrient standard used for years by florida, stated in chapter 62302. Epa has long recognized that numeric nutrient criteria are. Environmental protection agencys epa approach to addressing the challenge of managing nutrient pollution has included supporting development of numeric nutrient criteria for the nations waters. Biological opinion on epa approval of fl water quality standards. Numeric nutrient criteria development for florida estuaries presented by.

Greater detail on species life history and status are available in the recovery plans and status reports for. Under the consent decree, epa must finalize these criteria by october 15, 2010, propose criteria for estuaries and coastal water by january 14, 2011, and finalize those rules by october 15, 2011, unless florida submits its own numeric nutrient criteria acceptable to epa before a final epa action. Numeric nutrient criteria have magnitude, duration, and frequency components. Figures a1, a2, and a3 at the end of this appendix describe the narrative, numeric, and proposed florida nutrient criteria processes, respectively. The committee was unable to find similar flow diagrams developed by either epa or fdep, so the diagrams were developed internally as a means to better understand the differences in the processes. Hence, we will derive numeric nutrient criteria at the subbasin level in this report. The science of eutrophication in general and numeric nutrient criteria in particular has continued to advance in the interim years.

Developing numeric nutrient criteria for the yangtze river. Numeric nutrient standards are provided in florida administrative code fac and are available on the fdep website. Florida adoption of numeric nutrient criteria and epa approval. The department allows for an acceptable range of annual geometric.

Economic analysis of the proposed federal numeric nutrient. Scientific and technical basis of the numeric nutrient. Numeric nutrient criteria development florida department of. Aif on implementation of federal numeric nutrient criteria. Numeric nutrient standards for florida watersbackgroundfor many decades florida has had a narrative nutrient water quality criterion in place to protect. Hagy iii us epa nheerl gulf ecology division gulf breeze, fl epa science advisory board december 14, 2010 washington, d. Georgias plan for the adoption of water quality standards for nutrients july 20 revision 2. Numeric nutrient criteria deq wyoming department of. Quality criteria for water also known as the red book contains.

Rationale for missouri numeric nutrient criteria for lakes. If you do not want your email address released in response to a publicrecords request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Environmental issues minerals nutrients management minerals in nutrition minerals in the body water quality management laws, regulations and rules. Pdf on january 26, 2010, the united state environmental protection agency usepa published proposed numeric nutrient criteria for flowing waters of. Section 303c of the act authorizes epa to set federal criteria where determines it is necessary to meet the requirements of this act. Since there is no need for overlapping federal criteria for such waters, epa is withdrawing these federal criteria. Florida numeric nutrient criteria 2012 update surface. Numeric nutrient criteria florida association of counties.

A synopsis of research completed for the us environmental protection agency james d. If we apply this percentage to the 7,700 florida lakes, then about 5,000 florida lakes will be on the official. Environmental protection agency epa was sued by floridas wildlife federation fwf over the lack of. In addition, the department has modified somewhat the process by which numeric criteria are derived.

State of florida numeric nutrient criteria development plan. Numeric nutrient criteria on tuesday, the united states district court for the northern district of florida heard oral arguments on the cross motions of epa and earthjustice et al. Methods used to derive numeric nutrient criteria for florida estuaries. Numeric nutrient criteria, concentrations of nitrogen andor phosphorus and response variables such as chlorophyll a, are expected to more effectively protect wyomings surface waters because they can be used to more consistently. Development of numeric nutrient criteria under the clean water act helps to.

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