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Etl testing or datawarehouse testing ultimate guide. Top 40 sql query interview questions frequently asked. Learn database testing concepts, database testing basics and how to perform database testing manually with this database testing tutorial with examples in sql server. Sql structured query language and purpose is in order to store or manage the information with relational database sql is a set of standards maintain by the anscii group installation procedures for oracle 10g,11g. Do we have such readymade online help, which can solve such difficulties.

This command is used to select the data from the tables that are present on the database even by putting the conditions. Free structured query language sql online practice tests. A classic query engine handles all the non sql queries, but a sql query engine wont handle logical files. Here, we have to use selfjoin as the requirement wants us to analyze the employeedetails table as two different tables, each for employee and manager records. Write a sql query to fetch all the employees who are also managers from employeedetails table. I need to test basic sql queries using sql server without installing sql server on to the system. Data query language dql is used for selecting data from the database. Accessing a database requires machinereadable instructions that not everybody is supposed to know, they should be able to ask a question. Pdf etl testing or datawarehouse testing ultimate guide. Using the component test case the data in the obiee report can be compared with the data from the source and target databases thus identifying issues in the etl process as well as the obiee report. The table is a collection of record and its information at a single view. Following is a simple diagram showing the sql architecture.

This data can either be from a single table, or may be some kind of an operation between multiple tables. Database query language could be difficult to nonexpert users and learning formal queries takes a lot of time. In etl testing you need to compare source to target data comparison. Pdf coverage criteria for testing sql queries mohamed. Sql 3 sql commands the standard sql commands to interact with relational databases are create, select. Etl validator comes with component test case the supports comparing an obiee report logical query with the database queries from the source and target. Structured query language sql is a database tool that is used to create and access the database to support software applications. We test sql queries in order to check if our queries work or not. Click here installation of oracle 11g in windows 7. Etl testing tasks to be performed here is a list of the common tasks involved in etl testing 1. Database testing in software testing sql tutorial for. The main objective of etl testing is to identify and mitigate data defects and general errors that occur prior to processing of data for analytical reporting. Online test ddl, dml and dcl commands 9 questions 7846 attempts oca, ocp, oracle 9i, dba, oracle online tests, structured query languagesql, ddl, dml, dcl contributed by. Basics of etl testing with sample queries datagaps.

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