Liquid viscosity experiment pdf

Liquid viscosity measurement using capillary tube viscometer, cone and plate type viscometer. After falling su ciently the spheres acquire terminal velocity. The final experiment had possible errors due to the experimental setup. Viscosity occurs as a result of contact liquid layers with each other.

Determination of the kinematic viscosity by the liquid rise in. The viscosity of liquid is a resistance to flow of a liquid. Small metallic spheres are dropped in to the liquid from the top. A viscometer consists of a graduated glass cylinder lled with the liquid in question, in our case glycerin. As you decrease temperature, you increase a fluids viscosity. It is defined as the internal frictional resistance of a liquid to the application of a pressure or a shearing stress. A student researched lab analysis about stokes law, reynolds number, and measuring liquid viscosity. Capillary method, using capillary viscometer and flow cup. Most of the refrigerants have a liquid phase dynamic viscosity below 1 cp and the refrigerant under consideration in the present study r718 has a dynamic viscosity of 0. Viscosity races investigating the flow of liquids experiment.

Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid which is being deformed by either shear stress or tensile stress. Accepted values of the dynamic viscosity of some selected liquids and gases for temperature of 20. All liquids appear resistance to flow change from liquid to another, the water faster flow than glycerin, subsequently the viscosity of water less than glycerin at same temperature. A simplistic model of atomic dynamics in liquid, based on the concept of dynamic fluctuations in local atomic connectivity, is proposed to elucidate the temperature variation of the viscosity of a. Viscosity coefficient of a liqud by stokes method experiment coefficient of viscosity using stokes method youtube mech props experiment viscosity stokes method youtube. Stokes law, reynolds number, and measuring liquid viscosity. The viscosity of a liquid can be measured using a viscometer. Viscosity coefficient of a liqud by stokes method experiment. Ethyl ether 0,23 water 1,0087 olive oil 107,5 glycerol 1500 honey 0 tar 00 printing inks 0000 the dynamic viscosity describes the flow behavior of liquids.

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