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The importance of good foundations and structures can never be over stressed. Unfortunately, most architects dont recognize vastu shastra as a science and completely ignore its principles when constructing buildings. Vastu house plans vastu for house plans vastu shastra for. Plans and interiors recently, the concept of bringing the outdoors in has gained footing in the design community as the demand for a home in tune with nature has increased.

We are a construction company bound by our commitment to excel in all the segments of our projects, we are highly experienced in handling turnkey government projects, industrial projects, real estate development and beyond. An v a o zu az v l comfort, solace and good memories with family. As a result, it can make them more productive, healthier and happier. If this is not measured at the time of planning and executing a house, the entire building may go contradictory to the ideology of. House plan according to vastu shastra two story decorative. Our customers need to understand that which room should be constructed in which particular direction. Vastu house plans vastu compliant floor plan online nakshewala. A study of the mahavastu ancient buddhist texts home page. Northwest narrow lot photo gallery floor master suite cad available pdf. Home plan vastu shastra double storied cute 3 bedroom house plan in an area of 1815 square feet 169 square meter home plan vastu shastra 202 square yards. The principles of vastu as a traditional architectural belief. Nakshewala offer vaastu consultancy services for house design and vastu tips. Home is our abode of love where we expect to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

A project of 1 and 2 bhk valued homes in temburnhi on solapur highway near indapur with modern amenities. Vastu house plans east facing house pdf indian house plans. If its surroundings and construction are poor and the atmosphere eerie, we can neither be happy nor healthy. Thanks for their broad mind, many responsible visitors noticed that regular maintenance is costlier than the expectations. Vastu luxuria committed to provide you cheer of positive vibes. So, if you are looking for home plans then go forward with our modern house designs with 71 square feet.

In this science, home is a symbol of physical body which is interrelated with the universal energy field and at the same time a microcosm of its existence 10. The selection of a plot is very important since the plot represents a fixed form, that will radiate positive as well as negative energies depending on its location, orientation, shape, slope and soil quality. You will be glad to know that right now mahavastu handbook book pdf is available on our online library. To delve deeper into this trend, vishwavastu experts chat with the clients about designing with the natural world in mind. The plot could be one side, 2side, 3side or all four sides open.

T junction plot or home is highly inauspicious and need strong vastu remedies, if selected, use vastu partitions, crystal boundary and, also vastu bricks to rectify the defect. Very soon we are releasing 100 vastu house plans pdf. According to vastu, every good thing springs from the right structure of a building, whether for a house or for an office. North east facing houses home plots are considered a first grade site where inhabitant has a tremendous success in their life. Any t junction at northwest should be treated with strong vastu remedies. Be it at the end of a long day or early in the morning, we look forward to being at our ow n home. Also when seen from the top view it resemble like a well or shallow room. If you have a north facing plot and wish to build your house as per vastu better check this plan.

A northwest facing properties should have a fire element i. The stair case consumes lot of steel and concrete and will weigh heavier compared to the walls. Vastu house plans north facing 3d 800 sq ft with 30x40 east. Vasthu shastra emphasizes on constructing buildings based on the principles of the five elements or panchabhoothas and it is believed that each direction is guarded by a heavenly force as shown in fig. View small bathroom layouts that ranges between 30 to 60 square feet. Plans for residential buildings, industrial premises and small shops with their suitable interior are provided for downloading. The work was largely prepared by donny hacker from a text that.

Vastu for plan and interiors vastu sutra vastu for home. If the home is designed following vastu rules and guidelines, then it will resonate with positive energy and vibrations and its occupants will be healthy, wealthy and successful. June 21, 2017 our company was originally incorporated as a private limited company under the companies act, 1956 pursuant to a certificate of incorporation issued by the registrar of. With our online resources, you can find mahavastu handbook book or just about any type of ebooks, for any type of product. The last date to download free ebooks is december,31st, 20. Plans show the best possible arrangement of fixtures to make it more usable and practical. Roads on four sides the plot having roads on all four sides is most auspicious for. Learn the science with this free easy to understand ebook on vastu shastra. Vastushilpi posted on november 10, 20 posted in 3040 vastu. Vastu for northeast facing house, home, plot, property. Saral vaastu is a proven scientific solution, which is based on a unique algorithm that covers an individuals date of birth and gender, which brings happiness and prosperity.

Good news to all of our respected visitors, we are working on indian vastu house plans below, let us know what is your further requirement, we are ready to prepare everything for your happy future. Prospectus please see section 26 and 32 of the companies act, 20 fixed price issue dated. Read this article to know about the facts which explain complete vastu for bedroom. Mahavastu handbook book pdf mahavastu handbook book pdf are you looking for ebook mahavastu handbook book pdf. House plan according to vastu shastra 2 story 2537 sqft home. Jan 11, 2018 vastu for north facing house layout north facing house plan 8 vasthurengan com emejing duplex house plan for north facing plot 22 feet by 30. We design all plans according to vastushastra principals to come the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life. One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and.

Vastu shastra is not an over the counter medicine otc. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. Also such environment present a chance for innovation and opportunities for the younger. Vastu for plot vastu vastu shastra vastu tips vastu. Vastu for northwest facing house, home, plot, property vaastu. Basic concepts on the basis of sanskrit books, basic concepts are being narrated.

According to rig veda, architecture of the ancient times was closely associated with religion, and building a structure was recognized as a religious act. Success comes in very fast in the life of the occcupant. However, it does not so much study the text, as summarise it, and i have therefore renamed the digital edition to reflect the actual contents of the book. Vastu shastra is not just religious belief but an actual science behind the construction techniques for building environment friendly dwellings which are in harmony with nature, cosmic energy, gravitational forces, electromagnetic waves and the universe.

Vastu model floor plans for north direction vaastu shastra. Modular floor plans ranch patterns of a realestate property can be transformed. The meaning of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Home plan vastu shastra with mind blowing collections of.

Vastu for north facing house layout north facing house plan 8. Rest and relaxation are the two words that are foremost in ones mind when returning home from work. Our aim is to deliver valued and affordable homes to our customers. Vastu house plans for home and interior saral vaastu. Vastu house plans designs home floor plan drawings. The best direction for master bedroom construction is southwest, while for other rooms. Vastu shastra house plan in hindi house design ideas.

This happy admixture of ancient heritage and modern science can go a long way in reviving this edifice sci. Find 8 bathroom plans and layouts for small bathrooms. In these bathroom plans the standard sizes of fixtures are considered and other standard measurements are taken too. This book was originally titled a study of the mahavastu by its author bimala churn law. A lot of meticulous designing, planning and execution goes into building a home and decorating it. Vastu house plans and interior vastu shastra is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and cosmic energy.

Talking of rest and relaxation, the bedroom comes to our mind quite naturally. Residence vastu construction of residential building in residences, vastu is the most important thing. Another important factor while selection of land is the roads facing or surrounding the plot. House plan according to vastu shastra double storied cute 4 bedroom house plan in an area of 2537 square feet 235.

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